Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sorry - how bad am I????

I just saw the date i last posted on my blog and it is over a week ago - so sorry to those followers that are getting bored, i dont blame you there has been nothing to read lately - that is all about to change though as of Monday the new challenge starts and I have to post daily with all details of food and exercise - las ttime we were restricted with the info we gave out - this time we have to be exact and that is a condition of the program.

I am really excited about it and cant wait to start and see how different it is from the last one! I love having the accountability that comes with this type of thing and it worked for me last time.

I am still 2lbs up from the end of the last challenge as really I havent been on track since it ended and I went on holiday, things have been a little tricky for me emotionally lately and I have lacked motivation. That is all about to change, I will have new goals (daily) to achieve and hopefully that will take me forwards to being as I want to be by Xmas.

I have some rewards planned for when i reach certain goals, which I am looking forward to getting to.


  1. Bugger! I got an e-mail about this challenge yesterday and I'd love to join you, but I am comitted to doing KettleBelleBody beginning September 21st. Got to be true to my word!

    Will you be posting your daily bogs here, or elsewhere? I will be following with interest.

    Good luck!

  2. Hiya
    Yes will be puttimg them on here too - may make my blogs alittle mor einteresting - i have been a little boring of late!

    Good luck with the kettlebells hun x

  3. good for both of you to have found a new challenge! I am still looking what is next... Can't wait to read your updates, good luck to you guys! :-)