Wednesday, 18 November 2009

4lbs down but not a good result!

The scales have gone down dramatically over the last few days but obviously that is not 4lbs of fat!!

Needless to say the carb cycling has gone out of the window for the last few days and I am really only concentrating on eating something! Protein shakes seem to be the way to go for me! Quick, easy and have some goodness to them and easy to get down!

I apologise for lack of posts and this one being so gloomy - I have lots of decisions to make and the future seems a little scary right now - I will make an effort to make a good fitness related post very soon :-) x


  1. Oh Choccy, very sorry to hear you are having a hard time! I was wondering where you'd been. I was just going to send a message to see if you are OK!

    Big hug coming your way!

    Caroline xxxxx

  2. loads of hugs and mucho positive vibes flying your way mate xx

  3. I had a lovely meeting with my old yoga teacher on Tuesday evening and she was talking about her life. She said that three years ago when she made some dramatic changes she would never have thought that she would be where she is today (which includes owning a digger and single handedly refurbishing an old farm in France, with no money...) but that she has learnt in the last few years to go with the flow of where her life takes her. She has a level of calm acceptance which is (almost) contagious. Whatever you are facing now will make you stronger, hang in there
    with love

  4. Loving this, and will be following.

    You and I have a TON in common. Come visit, say hi, and let me know whatcha think. I have a feeling you'll be able to relate.


  5. Thanks N xxx I do appreciate your ongoing support :-) xx

  6. Hi dayne - thanks for your comments - i have added your blog to my list! very innteresting xx