Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Inspirational pics

Well I logged on to update my blog and as always check the blogs I'm following to catch up with their latest news and posts! My mate Justagirl always has an nteresting read and today was no exception she has posted a great article about the myths of toning and had a picture on there that has now become my inspiration - yes it is highly unlikely that i will ever look like that but it is what i am going to pin up and work towards and I am going to share this with you and 1 other pic i found below:

How amazing does she look? yes she may have fake boobs (mine were kind of like that once naturally) but to me she has a perfect figure and one i aspire to for sure! Thank you Jo for letting me use this pic xx

This is another great pic and another one to aim towards!

So todays carbs were better than yesterday at 35% but still not really low enough i guess today was medium carb day! I ache a little from yesterdays workout which is good too.

I had a great PT session with one of my favourite clients tonight and that always makes me realise why i love my job! We practiced tabata clean with the kettlebell and she did really well! It is a surprisingly tough workout!!

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  1. Hey lovely, thanks for the plug! That girl's body is incredible and she has become my own inspiration too. It's always good to have a visual goal :D