Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Marks & Spencer = Carb Heaven!!

I went shopping today with friend and daughter and we stopped in M&S for lunch - there wasnt a single thing in the cafe that wasnt carb based - teacakes/pastries/scones/sandwiches/cakes/muffins/jacket spuds/toasted sarnies etc etc etc

I was starving and am doing my best to stick to the eating every 2-3 hours so I had a jacket spud with tuna and salad - not very low carb hey!! Although today i have come in at just over 100g so far and i keep reading that this is still considered low!!! I am still confused!!! I am aiming for 30% or less carbs today so after a high protein dinner I am hoping I'll be there!

I have bought the most gorgeous sparkly sequin top today and if fits fine but i know it will look a hell of a lot better when i have lost lots of pounds!! I will try to get a pic of it later!

Just done todays workout - legs still killing after Mondays but they feel alot looser now its done!


  1. I know what you mean about certain places offering no low carb options. Aargh the planning required

    Looking forward to seeing that sequin top

    Go girl

  2. Yes i coudnt find it on the web so will have to take a pic of me in it when i wear it xx