Monday, 9 November 2009

Planning is the key to success

This is just a quickie - you can never under estimate the power of planning! Today is my first day on my new plan - my food and diet i have decided but with carb cycling anf with Alwyn Cosgroves workout!

Today I had planned to be a very low carb day however after researching what is deemed to be low carb I realised I could have a little more than I had anticipated so i mad emy breakfast smoothie (recipe below somewhere) and that gave me approx 45g of carbs so I had planned that would be it and i'd have eggs and ham for lunch and chicken and veg for dinner BUT now this is where the planning went out of the window I went shopping with my friend only food shopping nothing exciting but when we got back i went in for a quick drink and her Mum and Dad gave me a piece of their lovely fresh olive bread to try! Yum it was delicious however this is going to bring my carb quota way up and not what i had planned! I was really hungry and should have gone straight home and had as i had planned or taken something with me to eat that was on my list for today! I have just checked and I am currently at 40% carbs for the day! However this will change later when i have a higher protein dinner but it is going to work out at a higher carb day than i had wanted!

I am happy that my friend has just rang me and asked to do a workout later together so i am going to make her do todays program! I will post later about how we got on and my final % of carbs!!


  1. That was the one thing I found with carb cycling mate - the planning was like a military operation. A good thing in that you are planned in advance so know what you can eat but not so good for random olive bread offerings haha!

    Keep at it mate, it will take some time to get used to but I'm sure you'll do it.

  2. Great post Sarah. It is so true

    What's your carb cycle look like?

    Good luck


  3. I am trying to decide whether to do 1 low day, 1 medium and 1 high or 3 low/medium and 1 high may try each for 2 weeks and see what happens!
    It is quite confusing when you research it as everyone has different ideas as to what is high or low carb quantities - the best info i gained i think was dont cut down too much too soon and if it is working and you are leaning out then fine - if not cut some more!