Wednesday, 4 November 2009

People are so defensive when it comes to health sometimes!!

Following on from a very interesting post on sugar consumption and the damage it can cause - I posted this on a weight loss site and the response was quite astounding! In my job I hear excuses and reasons why people have to have certain things etc all the time and I am guilty of it myself to a degree as in I do have the odd treat or cheat or however you want to put it - I am trying to wean myself onto Green and Blacks but sometimes I just want a bit of bad for me Cadburys!! The thing is though I am not going to try and justify that - I know it isnt good for me, it makes me feel rubbish afterwards and I only enjoy it whilst its actually in my mouth!! If someone told me to cut it out I'm not going to attack them for daring to say something I like is bad for me because I know it is!! It isnt going to help me reach my goals any sooner I know that too so if i choose to have some then it is my choice and I have to pay the price for that!
It does annoy me though that people critisize so quickly and try to defend something (in this case sugar) that is of no use to us at all - show me one bit of research that shows me the benefits of eating refined sugar?
The same people are very quick to clearly state that sugar is not the cause of certain conditions - but without any back up information!
I think it all goes along with the principle that people want quick fixes with little or no effort these days - well that just doesnt happen - losing fat the right way does take effort - you gain what you are prepared to put in or in a phrase I've heard many times what price are you willing to pay? to get the results you want!

For anyone who wants to read the article I am referring to: (hope that works)


  1. I saw that post! It is quite amasing how people can get offended and get quite nasty! Your post didn't offend me at all! So was very surprised with some of their reactions...

    Big hug!


  2. Thanks hun - that is because you know what is good for you and are making positive changes - people usually react that way when feeling threatened by somethingxxx

  3. I did post a reply on that but it was very much tongue in cheek.

    when I came back a day later I was stunned by some of the replies.

    you're absolutely right, people do react like that when they feel threatened, but they also react like that when they don't understand something.

    what makes/made me cross is that some people aren't prepared to listen to the arguments that back up these statements before jumping in with their comments.