Monday, 9 November 2009

Quick update

Well i kind of messed up today as a low carb day it has turned out as a high carb day with 40% coming from carbs and about 160grams! so it looks like i will have to do better tomorrow! I am trying to decide whether to do 3 days of low to medium followed by 1 high day or 1 low, 1 medium and 1 high! The other confusing thing is that everyone seems to have different ideas about what consitutes low and high carbs - I have read some saying 100g of carbs is low and others recommending 30g etc and some saying 150g is high and others saying 300g is high! Confusing!! If anyone has any better info then please leave me a message!!

My workout was great and consisted of 4 rounds the first was heavy for 6 reps for a few exercises followed by the same exercises x 15 reps at a lighter weight, then some metabolic exercises and to finish off tabatas with kettlebell cleans - phew ended up hot, sweaty but feeling good!!

I have just used my foam roller which also felt very good :-)


  1. 40% carbs isn't *high*, surely?! I get confused by what's high and what's not, I'm sure I've been told that you should get at least 60% of your cals from carbs though... but one-size-fits-all doesn't work for everyone and I don't think that would work for me! xx

  2. It does get confusing doesnt it! I think from what i've read approx 50% is the "norm" for carb intake but if you are trying to reduce or carb cycle then i guess 40% would still be considered high on those days!
    I love carbs in general and would not work for me long term either but for a short term boost to fat loss for me it does work as I proved woth Dax's program which carb cycled with very low carb days approx 10% xx