Friday, 20 November 2009

Pizza is the food of the devil!

I have decided that Pizza has come from the other side - literally food from the devil!!

Due to the stuff going on at the moment I am really not making any real effort to eat sensibly - just eating is something and so last night the kids wanted Dominoes - this was duly ordered and I indulged in 2 slices (when i say 2 slices i dont eat the crust and dont eat much of the base just kind of picked off the toppings with a little bit of base here and there).
The first thing that hit me was the saltiness of the topping most likely the pepperoni, I had to pick off that bit after one mouthful - then the stodginess of the dough! i could imagine it sitting like lead in my stomach - I've never been a huge pizza fan - can definately take it or leave it but after last night i am so going to leave it in future totally - by the time i went to bed my stomach resembled a rock hard, bloated barrel! I felt horrible, uncomfortable and all for a few bites of something i'm not even that into and at a cost of £27!!!!

Pizza goes into room 101!!!

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