Saturday, 7 November 2009

New beginnings...............

So Monday I will be starting a new workout plan - I am going to be following his metabolic circuits combined with strength training and possibly his diet although i may mix and match as i am a little fed up of being told what to eat and quite looking forward to making my own choices again!

I am quite excited about the training as I think it will push me quite a bit and hopefully bring about some sort of transformation! I want a good one to put on my website and to date none of my clients have been willing to have their pics taken so I have come to the conclusion that I will have to do one myself! OMG I've said it now so i guess i will have to do it!

I am going to set myself a mini target/goal of 7lbs by the end of November - we have a weekend in London with a night out and I would love to wear the sequin dress I have ordered so we shall see!!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    whom do you mean when you say "follow his diet/workout" - who is he?? Just curious as to what you are doing, I also looked into Carolines and Brads challenge. Let me know what you decide to do!
    Yes, you have to do the pics now (hey, what better motivator then seing yourself online, right?)
    My best wishes to you

  2. Good luck with the new challenge mate, will be interested to hear more about it. Looking forward to the pics too, why not post your before pics now as motivation?

  3. Hey guys - Alwyn Cosgrove is the he i was talking about! The diet he recommends is super low carb but may just cycle carbs myself!
    I might put some up now J if I'm brave enough xxx

  4. Photos would be great Sarah - did you ever do after photos for the 30 in 30 Challenge? And before photos for Gosleeveless? I'm sure we'll be able to see your transformation even if you still need convincing.

  5. New challenge! Woohoo... Looking forward for the update on well you are doing!! You really are the "challenge queen" HA!


  6. Didnt really do after pics as i couldnt see much difference! I need to get soph to take some new ones for me - just doesnt look good when i try to take them myself in the mirror!