Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh the anticipation... Day 11

Well to say I was disappointed this morning was an understatement, 1lb down since Monday and 1.5" lost overall since Monday too! Yes its a loss but my body is clinging to its fat with dear life!

Many of the others have done really well and lost loads of lbs and inches which is great and I'm so pleased for them but it does make me feel kinda inadequate! There are a couple of others in a similar situation to me so at least I'm not alone but there is nothing more I can do but wait and see what happens!

I am following the diet to a T and performing all 3 workouts to my max - must say thanks to my sis Jools who has been a major support and encouragement through this and helped me with my timing, makes it a little less lonely with a friendly face for one workout a day! Thanks Chick xx

Surprisingly though even though I was a bit fed up earlier it didnt last and I got on with my day and despite the heat, day 2 of no carbs and low results I feel quite cheerful now and sort of enjoyed my exercise! Think we've got a new one tomorrow which will be cool!

Food for today has been very boring, need to go shopping so not alot in and had eggs for brekkie and lunch, I did pop to shops and bought some nice organic lean steak for dinner with some tenderstem brocolli, runner beans and courgette! I'm not big red meat eater but nice to have a change after all the chicken!!

Whilst on the thank you's I must say thanks to all that have been posting comments - it is so nice to receive them and know people are taking the time to read my ramblings!! THANK YOU!!!

Time soon for dinner and workout 3!! Over and out!


  1. You've been such an encouragement to me, I'm hoping all of us "snails" will have big losses this weekend!

  2. Eventually, your body will have to figure out who's boss and let go of the fat! It has no choice!

  3. Don't feel down mate, you're doing amazing by sticking to this plan - I doubt I could do it! I'm certain you are going to make some fantastic progress :)

  4. another 1lb gone whooop whoop!

  5. Thanks guys - yes it is tough but over a third of the way through now!!


  6. I'm following you and think you're doing great. Keep at it =] x