Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Too much info for Day 15

Well the good news is that we are half way through now! The bad news for me is TOTM has arrived! I'm hoping that in a few days results will show again and constantly show for the next 2 remaining weeks! Today I look pregnant! I feel so bloated and uncomfortable. Strangely my boobs measured 1" down yet they were spilling out of my sports bra from being so bloaty!! No surprises that I weighed more too! I'm just ignoring it and putting it down to TOTM!!

Nature is a funny thing, because of the diet my PMS symptoms were less severe and my usual chocolate craving was easily bypassed. I did feel the need for something sweet os had 2 strawberries (not really allowed on no carb day - but better than choc)! However I have had the worst stomach ache ever! Really crampy and horrible - which is unusual as my symptoms are always prior to not during!

Food was standard - eggs, chicken, veg, salad! nuts!!
Exercise was: Hard!!

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  1. Doing good Sarah! Not fun when you are so low energy.