Friday, 3 July 2009

Happy Days - Day 12

After a night of really no sleep - it was just over hot, I felt like I was on fire when i went to bed just couldnt get cool, probably partly due to the fact I did workout 3 quite late and my shower didnt do the job of cooling me down I woke up in a great mood and excited to see the new workout for today! So my first job of the day was to check our new workout!!

There it was - again Dax has come up with a routine that is very different from my usual routines and I absolutely love it! I watched the accompanying instructional clips and was really looking forward to giving it a go after just the first few exercises, this time the moves are much slower and more controlled whilst still following his major principle of training which guarantees a great calorie burn. Some of the moves are very challenging for the unflexible but just up my street, I am very flexible to the point of being hyper flexible which must have helped me with the last 3 exercises - I finished feeling fantastic and really energised!

Actually I think I'm a little hyper today, not sure why as no carbs - managing to get them to about 6 or 7% of the days totals, food for today has been better than yesterday, eggs again for breakfast with ham, nice lunch of spinach leaf salad, cucumber, and a ready roasted chicken from waitrose. Not sure what to have for dinner though.......

The second workout is getting progressively harder - it was up till now my favourite but now it has well and truly been taken over by the new one! I wonder if i'll feel it tomorrow??

I did sneak on the scales this morning - I know its supposed to be only Mondays and Thursdays but I wanted to see another loss as its been so slow until now! and another lb had dropped away! woohoo!!! Still only 4lbs in 11 days but that isnt too bad for me and it did make me smile!! Wont do it again until Monday now - promise :-) x

OMG Its carb day tomorrow double woohoo!!! Hope I still feel so happy tomorrow!!


  1. Im so proud of you, you are so detirmed, look what you have acheived

    (((hugs)) Shirleyann xx

  2. Another pound gone, how great is that! And you are feeling wonderful, that is even better! Keep going!

  3. Hard to believe that you are reaching the halfway point for Dax's challenge. That's incredible to think about the changes and accomplishments that you have been making in so many ways.

    I know it has been very encouraging for Melissa to have such an interactive group of folks in this challenge. She's definitely stepped out of her comfort zone in so many ways. In fact she's going to be coming with me on Monday morning to my boot camp along with keeping up with her 30 day challenge requirements! I am totally stoked to have her with me! Hopefully I'll even be able to post a video of what we've done on my own Blog. Stay tuned!

    I've heard that Dax has been MIA for a wee bit. Not hard to believe with how busy he is. As an online instructor for a college state-side I know the students love that high level of involvement - especially when there are questions.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work! You're doing fantastic!

    And your idea for a question section - super! I would go crazy trying to follow all the oddities in Ning!

    Have a great weekend!