Friday, 10 July 2009

Just a normal Day 19

I wondered how I would feel today after yesterdays fast - I thought I may be hungry all day and that my body may try to make up for the lack of food yesterday but it was just like normal, in fact I felt really good and quite energetic!

I have had a manic day today with 2 new clients and also my regular ones plus fitting in the exercise and kids! I have to say the house is suffering it needs a good clean and tidy!! Oh well something has to give and that is it i'm afraid - will try to catch up over the weekend.

Todays food was my standard lo carb day of eggs/ham, chicken and salad and nuts! I did have 2 strawberries as they smelt so good and had them with nuts so hopefully not too bad!

Workouts completed, looking forward to a new one on Saturday!

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