Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 16

Still feeling rubbish! Still have the horrible stomach cramps - hoping it will ease tomorrow!

We have been given our secret weapon today - I knew this was going to appear at some point and it is based on Eat Stop Eat fasting!

It does mean you get to eat on the day you fast but it is for 24 hours! So we eat our dinner as usual then the next day we fast until dinner time again! I have read alot about this and get Brad's newsletters but never been brave enough to try it!

Psycologically I think I will find it hard to mentally switch off from the mindset of having to eat especially as this whole plan revolves around eating regularly so far! But I have been preparing myself and Thursday is our first fast day! I need to plan to keep busy.

Today I havent felt up to much and still have 1 workout to go, I need to go get on with it now as its getting late! Food has been eggs, ham, salmon and veg for dinner and nuts.


  1. Sarah, you will be fine with the fasting! It is all about the mindset, and if you put your mind to it then it will not be hard. I have done it several times in the past, and whenever I really was commited to it I had no problem. The days I was doubting myself were bad! It is really liberating not having to think about food for 24 hours, nothing to pack, nothing to prepare... You will be fine! :-)

  2. Thanks Annette - i feel multiple posts coming on tomorrow!!!