Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The End!! I'll be back...............

Days 29 and 30!

Yesterday - busy as usual on a Monday! nothing to report really, workouts and food standard!

The last day and I was on a course all day (a very boring mandatory training day) I couldnt do my 3 workouts and will only have time to do one tonight!! May make it a combo of 2 to make up a bit time wise although it wont have the magic effects! Food was supposed to be a final fast day today but I knew being stuck in a NHS building for 9 hours was not going to be practical as I wouldnt be able to concentrate and my stomach rumbling would have been embarrassing so will do one tomorrow instead! So the question is what to do next! I still want to lose a further 20lbs or so and therefore will continue to blog and track my progress and I intend to keep most of the ED principles but allowing for a few additions! My cup of tea will return but limited to 2 a day max! I am not going to re introduce bread as I have managed to live without it. Sugar will be excluded wherever possible. I may still cycle my carb intake but whether I do it the wave way or not I'm not sure! I dont know that it had the greatest effect on my results so I may play around with some other options and see what happens! I might also keep one fast day a week too if I can play around with the day so I'm not working! I found it much easier on a day off than when with clients!

So final results: 6lbs loss on scale weight! Not a great result and way off 30lbs but its still down and makes a difference clothes wise!

12.75 inches lost overall though which in 30 days isnt too bad at all so I am quite happy with that!!

So keep reading and lets see what the next 30 days brings................

Exercise wise - 3 daily workouts arent practical for me to do full time but I will try do add some of dax's in whre I can on top of my regular weights program and HIIT maybe the combination will work and some more pounds will drop!


  1. Sarah,
    you didn't loose 30 pounds, but even 6 pounds and all the inches are good! You learned a lot, you stuck it out, and I think you will be a stronger person going forward for it. I hope to read many more blogs from you either here or on Dax's site and wish you all the best on your continued road to weightloss! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey :-)

  2. You've done well - considering you wer epretty fit in the first place!


  3. Thank you guys xx and yes i am continuing!

    Hope you are dong ok too George? thanks for following!

  4. I bet you are a great PT! Thanks for sharing!