Saturday, 4 July 2009

Rollercoaster Day 13

No two days during this plan are the same, today I felt wiped out again after such a high energy day yesterday! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

Workout 1 I couldnt beat my time, my ankle is really hurting - started last night think i ran down the stairs and twisted it slightly so i felt it on todays workouts!

Workouts 2 & 3 completed too! Food was ok not stocked up on shopping yet - just been so hectic so i had left over raspberries from the last carb day which were really past their best! Greek yog, turkey salad with jacket spud, and for dinner chicken tikka dry with a small portion of brown rice and veg!

Today was my daughters prom and I had a stressful afternoon doing her hair and dealing with a hysterical teenager when the car they'd booked didnt show - luckily a good friend came to the rescue and drove them down in his new BMW and dressed up in a suit for them too!! Thanks E x

She looked beautiful and I was very proud of her!

I feel like i've eaten loads today in comparison to the other days so glad weigh in isnt until Monday!

Tomorrow as I feel my workouts today were not up to scratch I am planning to do all 4 workouts spread throughout the day - hopefully i will get a good result on Monday!!


  1. This plan sounds so brutal mate! I really hope you get your result on Monday xx

  2. I cant believe you have a daughter that age! You dont look old enough...seriously! Hope I can get online to check your results!

  3. You both look beautiful! Hope you feel much better again today... good luck with the workouts!

  4. Lol if you dont see a post they werent good lol!

    2 workouts down 2 more to go!! and thank u xxx