Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 24 & 25 ****ed off!!

Have decided to post these 2 days together as nothing out of the ordinary to report. Day 24 was manic for me, worked lots and had very little spare time, had a low energy day and just ticked along with the food and workouts.

Day 25 although not over yet, started on a downer as my results are exactly the same!!!!!!!!! Well 1/2" loss from my right arm and that is it - despite a fast! To say I feel ****ed off is an understatement. I knew from a little way in I was never going to hit the 30lb mark but I was really hopeful for a minimum of a stone or 14lbs to date I am still at 6lbs! Which is really no more than the standard 2lb a week loss which many can do by just following a calorie restricted diet! I cantblame anything or anyone its just my body not playing the game! But it doesnt help with motivation and I do feel a bit miserable today!!

I'm going to make this post short and sweet as I dont have anything positive to say other than we got the new workout today! phew not an easy one! I note again that my upper body is not as strong as lower body as 1 of the exercises I found really quite tough! More practice needed there then!!


  1. Sarah,
    sorry to hear that you are not happy with your results, it seems that you are doing everything right, know fitness and nutrition, and still it doesn't seem to work well for you.... Could there be a medical reason behind it? I was just listening to a doctor, Bryan Walsh, here in Maryland (you can probably google him) in an interview with Scott Colby, and he talked a lot about adrenal health, thyroids, hormones etc. Stuff that most doctors miss in standard tests, but that throw off your body and that's why some people can't loose weight despite doing everything right. I think I have a couple of his talks on my I-pod, so if you want to look into that I can probably send you the MP3s....
    But still, 6 pounds is not bad, and you probably learned a lot about yourself in that time too. Keep going, only 6 more days!!!

  2. Thanks Annette, nothing I know of but yes I have heard of adrenal fatigue something to consider if it continues!


  3. Hey mate, sorry for the lack of results, the plan itself sounded like a crazy idea anyway - won't be long until it's over hun xx

  4. Hey, because you are so fit you have to work much harder to get the big results. 6lbs is alot especially if its mostly fat.

  5. Thanks guys x sorry to be a misery! feeling a bit brighter today!! although it is fast day and i'm hungry already xxx