Thursday, 9 July 2009

Faster faster faster!!!!

Some new pics taken today, still got the muffin top!!! Needs to go! Not sure if there is much difference at all really!!

Well in fact it wasnt too bad! The shopping definately helped, although the worrying thing was that I had thoughts of all the bad foods that I havent eaten for ages now!
Chocolate, cakes, sweets etc and I seemed to be surrounded by them. This hasnt bothered me at all until today and i think for the first time i actually had a craving to go off track! I didnt of course and i think it was only because i was hungry!

I made it until 5-30 and had grilled chicken breast and salad!

I do have a headache now though and feel tired! I have one more session to do in a mo then an early night for me!!


  1. You know you are strong when you can resist sweets at the mall, good for you! And that little muffin top will disappear too, just give it time.

  2. That muffin top is definitely going, hang in there. Know what you mean about shopping hungry, definitely to be avoided

  3. AMAZING photos! Keep it up - you're doing brilliantly!!

  4. Great pictures and great progress too (but I have to say I opened this up at work and said WHOOAA! could get me in trouble... :-) Keep up the great work Sarah!

  5. Thank you guys x still lots to do! Sx