Thursday, 9 July 2009

Yummy yummy Day 17

Cant believe 17 days have gone by already! Today is carb day woohoo it now seems like a treat day! I started off with some lovely sweet strawberries with greek yog! I had some raspberries and a few nuts, Lunch was a salmon fillet and salad with some cherry tomatoes! More strawberries and yog, Dinner was a tablespoon of brown rice and thai green chicken curry! Yum - it is kind of strange that all that good healthy food is now seen as such a treat! I know a few of us are feeling like that too!

I made the most of my food today as tomorrow is FAST day! I was working in the evening so I had to have an early dinner which makes it easier tomorrow as it means dinner will come around sooner!!

Workouts were fine! I am definately finding my shoulder strength has improved, the weights i chose to perform the many shoulder press we do felt hard at first - for a while actually but I noticed today that they actually feel a bit lighter! So i may increase them or definately push for more reps!

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