Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 26 Fast no 3

OMG today was really really hard! I have felt a bit off for a few days and not 100% - I had a client first thing and my stomach rumbled throughout her entire session!!! This happened the last 2 times and I wasnt worried as previously it stopped after the first litre or so of water, today however it carried on, I drank several fruit teas as I hoped the hot drink would help but no and my other clients today got the same effect - one said it sounded like distant thunder! It was really uncomfortable and not at all like the last 2 fasts! Whether it had anything to do with not feeling quite right or not I dont know but I ended it a little early as I began to feel a bit sick, dinner was chicken skewer with pepper and onion and mayo less coleslaw! cashew nuts as a snack!

Workouts all ok today, cantbelieve we only have 4 days left!! Strangely although I am looking forward to it ending in some ways I will miss it too!

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  1. I'll miss it too - its strange being off workouts with my back and I am particularly missing the sense of being truly involved with the group. Hope today went better, post fast