Monday, 13 July 2009

Fast no 2 on Day 22

Here we go again................. actually it is easier than i ever thought it would be! If you know you just arent going to eat until a specific time you kinda just get on with it! It is a busy work day for me so i was kept busy! I felt hungry at lunchtime but went to see a friend and had a fruit tea and more water!!

Dinner was at 5pm so I had eggs and ham! Didnt actually really fancy much, I was hungry but whereas in the past if i've let myself get really hungry it feels like you have to make up for it by eating twice as much, this deosnt seem to happen. I am quite content on my small dinner and may have a snack after work later too!

Results were a further 2lb down so that is now 6lb in total since the start of this plan and 10lb total weight loss for me since starting the ED about 6-8 weeks ago!

Will be happy to lose another 2-3lbs which takes me below 140lb!! Then continuing this on a more relaxed basis until reaching my goal of about 120lbs!

It seems many of us are hoping to keep in touch and keep posting until we get to our goals which I think is a great idea! Its nice to have the support from each other and also we are the only ones that really knows just how tough this has been! It has been no walk in the park I can tell you!

I think there will be 1 or 2 clear winners on the pounds lost front but actually I think all of us on this plan are winners as we have proved that we can stick to a tough regime and stil get results even if not the ones we had hoped for!

Off to work again now......... until tomorrow :-)


  1. Thank u x Hoping for a bit more in the last week xx

  2. Yes, you all are winners and I am very impressed how you all handle the workouts and strict eating regiment. You are doing great!