Monday, 20 July 2009

Weekend Days 27 & 28

Not a very exciting weekend, spent getting holiday things together and sorting my clothes! Still a bit disappointed with my poor results as my dresses I wanted for hol are unlikely to fit now! I have 10 days left so there is a small chance one will fit if i lose a bit more! I certainly wil try!

Food was as usual over the weekend eggs,chicken, nuts, veg and salad!

Workouts were to plan!

Only 2 days left now! Cant believe it - it has really gone quickly towards the end!!


  1. There are some lovely dresses in the sales - why don't you reward yourself for what you've achieved so far with one new dress, and look forward to your next holiday with the ones you have in mind now?

    I think the will power required to survive the 30 in 30 requires rewarding just in itself

  2. Yeah i agree - good plan can always make room for more clothes xx

  3. I agree - go out and get yourself a nice dress! Keep the other ones in eye-sight as inspiration to work towards fitting into them :-)
    Yes, 30 brutal days, you guys are awesome!!