Saturday, 11 July 2009

20 days in .....

.... and nothing to report today, just another normal day. Feeling tired today - the energy seems to come and go in patterns very much like the wave diet we are doing!

Tomorrow is carb up day before Mondays second fast! Tomorrow will be a good day, I have some lovely juicy strawberries waiting for me for brekkie!

Workouts below par today, so hoping to have an early night and renewed energy tomorrow! We were supposed to get a new workout today so hopefully it will be posted in time for tomorrow! I will try to do 4 workouts again tomorrow to make up for it - along with a whole day of housework!!

10 more days to go!!


  1. Enjoy the carbs on Sunday! :-) Good luck a big losses in pounds on the last 10 days!!

  2. Enjoy the carbs! I bet you can't wait for this all to be over can you?

  3. Way to go Sarah keep up the good work.
    I still wouldn't/couldn't fast!

  4. Lol Its not as hard as it sounds Cat! Thanks girls yes will be glad when its over and can be slightly more relaxed! But not losing sight of my goals!