Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 23 - 7 to go!!!! woohoo

Only 1 week left - 7 days - 168hrs not that I'm counting lol. Seriously it will be weird when this is all over it has taken up so much time and been pretty full on for the last few weeks. I will defintaly keep up as many aspects as I can, I will go back to my usual weights routines (I've missed my deadlifts and RDL's etc) I will keep up some of the metabolic workouts - they will seem more fun again like in the beginning when they are done by choice and not necessity.

I am really looking forward to what will probably be our last new workout on this plan! We will no doubt get "Daxed" one last time!

Workouts today have been normal, I did the meltdown first thing which was a good blast to start me off for the day, then the DB Matrix (my fave) think will be the power circuit tonight!

Food today hasnt been very good as we need to get shopping, so it has been eggs and ham, cashews, more eggs and ham and that is it so far, not sure what is for dinner yet (very unplanned and unprepared day as no food in the house) Prob very under cals today and feeling a tad hungry now so better go and find something to snack on then sort out dinner!


  1. Here you go talking in abbreviations again! LOL! What are RDLs?

    I agree with you - I think this program is hard to maintain for too long, as it is pretty time intensive, but we have definitely learned some valuable lessons that we can take with us in whatever we decide to do after the challenge is over.

  2. Wait... Romanian Deadlift? I like straight-legged deadlifts.

  3. Where do you get your Romanians from?

    Seriously - I know EXACTLY what you mean about lack of shopping...

    167 hours to go!!

  4. Lol yes P Romanian Deadlifts! Ha ha I thought about using real ones but they were a little too heavy!! and noisy!! seems they dont like being held horizontaly! hmmmm think this plan is getting to me! :-) xxx

  5. How did I let yesterday go by without thinking it was only a week to go?

    I thought of you yesterday (and one of your earlier posts) when I went straight from my first shower into a change of workout gear and didn't get "dressed" until 7.30 pm - and then only cos I had guests. I won't miss being constantly hot and sweaty.

  6. Yeah, the Romanians don't like being lifted... LOL! You didn't loose your sense of humor despite all the workouts :-)
    Being in an "active rest" week after 8 weeks of LGNC 2 workouts a day feels great, you will enjoy a change of pace after 30 days of constant workouts! I did pull ups, box squat jumps, and sled pushes yesterday and it just felt great doing something different again. And yet I look forward to next week and more Daxing!
    Good luck for the last 7 days, hopefully that muffin top will finally give in!