Sunday, 5 July 2009

4 Workouts for Day 14

Well after yesterdays not so great workouts I promised myself I'd do 4 to make up for it! So today I have done the 3 as instructed plus the DB Matrix plus some gardening so I am going to treat myself to a nice hot bath in a bit as I am shattered!!

I think in total I have done well over 1000 reps today (There are over 600 in the pyramid alone)!!

Food as usual on no carb days a little boring, eggs and ham for brekkie and lunch, chicken with runner beans, courgette, tenderstem brocolli, cauliflower and normal brocolli for dinner, with nuts as snacks! I have added it all up and way under for todays cals! Not too worried as i think I prob had over yesterday!

The weather has cooled a bit but it seems to make no difference to the how hot i get during the workouts!! You really do have to be committed to this whole routine - getting hot and sweaty 3 x per day is not very social and does take an effort with showers and hair washing etc - I feel I have looked a mess for the last 2 weeks - always in workout gear with hair up and no make up! Nice!!

We are nearly half way there now!! I am a little worried I wont even make a stone lost! 14lbs should be easy as only half what is expected but unless it suddenly drops off me I cant see it happening! Tomorrow is weigh in day with measurements! I feel really bloated think TOTM is about to happen so I doubt i'll get a loss more likely a gain so that wont be great for the motivation!! You men dont know how lucky you are!!!!!


  1. I'm doing four workouts today, too, becauase I missed yesterday's last workout. I'd better get a move on becauase it is already 1:30PM and so far, I've done only one workout. :(

    We are probably both going to sleep really well tonight!

    Fingers crossed for a great weigh-in tomorrow!

  2. Hey why not put off the weigh in if TOTM is round the corner? You're nails so you'll complete the program regardless of what the scales say anyway. If you do weigh then good luck, wishing helium like thoughts!

  3. Yes, men are very lucky indeed not having to go through those monthly hormonal nightmares! But hey, even sweaty without make up you still look great! :-) And you can do more push-ups or squats they they can do!!!